Sonequa Martin-Green,  Star Trek: Discovery ’s Fiery New First Officer, on the Premiere's Shocking Death and That Cliffhanger    W magazine, September 2017   The year is 2256, a decade before the events of  Star Trek: The Original Series , and two years before James Kirk is commissioned as captain of the Enterprise. The USS Shenzhou, a starship under the command of Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), has been sent to the farthest reaches of Federation space to investigate a communications relay that was damaged under suspicious circumstances. The Federation has not yet entered into uneasy alliance with the Klingon Empire—in fact, the Federation has not even made contact with the Klingons for nearly a century—so when the “sarcophagus,” a Klingon ship bearing the remains of its dead on its outer carapace, emerges into view, the crew of the Shenzhou reacts first with disbelief, and then uncertainty.
    Outlander  Star Caitriona Balfe, a Modern Woman at Fashion Week, Grapples with the Fan Response to Her 20th-Century Birth Scene    W magazine, September 2017   “I’d just like to say, apparently, Diane Keaton’s wearing a massive baseball cap that says ‘Dope’ on it in the restaurant downstairs,” Caitriona Balfe announced. “She’s my hero.”
   Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey's Web Series  Brown Girls  Could Be the Next  Insecure     W magazine, March 2017   It’s been just three weeks since the web series  Brown Girls  premiered, and writer Fatimah Asghar and director Sam Bailey haven’t stopped moving since. “Whatever we thought success looked like, or whatever we thought people were going to respond to with the release—it just has exceeded,” Bailey, 28, said on a recent afternoon in Brooklyn.
   Meet the Next Big Things of the  Baroness Von Sketch Show ! Did We Mention They're in Their 40s (and Women)?    W magazine, August 2017   Two years ago, just before the  Baroness Von Sketch Show  premiered on the Canadian broadcaster CBC, the series released its first sketch segment online, a preview of the series its four co-creators (the Baronesses) had spent the previous year developing. The reaction to “Locker Room,” which depicts a utopian gym locker room of body positivity for post-40-year-olds, was swift and overwhelmingly positive: The next day, Meredith MacNeill, one of the Baronesses, was taken aback by the comments rolling in, the friends tagging each other on Facebook.
   Jonathan Majors Is the One to Watch from      When We Rise   W magazine, March 2017   A year ago, almost to the month, the actor Jonathan Majors flew to Vancouver to begin three months of filming for  When We Rise . The four-part ABC special chronicles the gay rights movement from its nascent days in ’70s San Francisco up to the historic Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. Majors was still in his final year at the Yale School of Drama when he was plucked out of class by showrunners Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant, the creative team who also wrote and directed the Harvey Milk biopic  Milk .
   Jodie Comer Is the Fiery Young Queen of Your  Game of Thrones  Replacement      The White Princess   W magazine, April 2017   In August 1485, King Richard III was killed in battle, defeated by Henry Tudor just two years after ascending to the throne. The Battle of Bosworth Field was the final major confrontation in the War of the Roses, the English civil war that pitted the Lancasters (Henry's side) against the Yorks (Richard's side), resulting in more than a century of Tudor reign in England. Into this uncertain political time comes  The White Princess , the new eight-part Starz miniseries based on Philippa Gregory’s novel.
   In the 'Golden Age' of Television, Casting Directors Expand Their Reach    Forbes Magazine, January 2016    Mad Men  creator Matthew Weiner says he can’t quite remember how many actors auditioned for Don Draper, the lead role in his new series. Fifty, maybe 60. Jon Hamm was just one man among those 50 or 60, and he auditioned seven times before he finally landed the part. He was a relative unknown at the time — Weiner jokes, on an episode of Bravo’s  Inside the Actors Studio , that when he sent Hamm’s screen test to the network, the executives responded, “Who the hell is this?” — but he earned a role that has come to define his career in a way that only a character developed over years can do.
    Alias Grace  Star Sarah Gadon on Why Grace Marks's Story Matters So Much Right Now    W magazine, November 2017   In the first episode of  Alias Grace , the protagonist Grace, played by Sarah Gadon, peers at herself in the mirror. Her expression transforms as she narrates the scene, echoing the same sentiment as the Emily Dickinson poem that serves as an epigraph for the show—that below one version of a person lies another, and another, and another. “I think of all the things that have been written about me,” she says. She has been called “inhuman female demon,” “innocent victim,” “quarrelsome,” “a good girl with a pliable nature,” “soft in the head.” And she wonders: “How can I be all these different things at once?”
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